Monetize the sales data you already collect.


Your point of sale system is already collecting valuable data. F&B Insights is the only platform that helps you monetize it by creating sales performance reports for suppliers.

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Uncover the value in your data.

Suppliers want better insight into their brand’s on premise performance. Your POS data holds all the answers. F&B Insights transforms your sales data into valuable insight-rich reports and delivers them to suppliers.

Optimize your current supplier partnerships.

Already working with suppliers? Great! F&B Insights helps you streamline supplier relationships. Send program proposals to the suppliers you already work with, or ones that you have contact information for.

Maximize profits by building new relationships.

The F&B Insights marketplace connects you with suppliers interested in brand insights from venues like yours. Visit the marketplace to connect with suppliers and build new relationships.

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How does it work?

  1. 01 Use our menu database to identify pricing opportunities and keep tabs on your competitor.
  2. 02 Connect with suppliers who want to partner with venues like yours on the F&B marketplace.
  3. 03 Integrate your POS so F&B Insights can pull your sales data for suppliers, and run supplier-sponsored training programs.
  4. 04 F&B Insights collects fees from your supplier partners so you get paid in one monthly payment.

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