Supplier-supported brand education that drives sales lift.


F&B Insights puts brand education materials at your team’s fingertips, and helps you seamlessly run contests to boost revenue and elevate the guest experience. Best of all - it’s all paid for by suppliers.

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Partner with suppliers to maximize promotions.

Suppliers want your staff to be well-versed on their products, and they have the budget to help them get there. F&B Insights facilitates partnerships for supplier-sponsored promotions and contests.

Increase revenue with better staff education.

F&B Insights curates memorable brand stories that help your staff better understand products, and elevate the guest experience with tailored recommendations.

Execute sales contests and measure lift.

With direct integration to your point of sale, F&B Insights helps you execute sales contests, with no manual tracking or monitoring required, and gathers data on staff engagement and sales lift.

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The Facts


Staff recommendations increase conversions by up to 49%, versus when recommendations are not given.


Customers who execute brand education programs see a sales lift of 20% or more.