Menu Monetization

Monetize your sales data to create a new revenue stream.

Data is the world’s most valuable resource and you’re sitting on tons of it. F&B Insights is the only platform that helps you sell your monthly sales data to suppliers who want to know how their brand performs in your venue.

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Menu Pricing

Raise profits with AI-driven menu pricing.

Leverage nationwide market intelligence to see how venues near you price particular items so you can raise pricing with confidence and without affecting demand.

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Maximize revenue with brand education and competitions.

Partner with suppliers to maximize staff education and contests that boost sales. Keep your staff engaged with incentives.

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f&b insights

How does it work?

Use our menu database to identify pricing opportunities and keep tabs on your competitors.

Connect with suppliers who want to partner with venues like yours on the F&B marketplace.

Integrate your POS so F&B Insights can pull your sales data for suppliers, and run supplier-sponsored training programs.

F&B Insights collects fees from your supplier partners so you get paid in one monthly payment.